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How do I buy medical cannabis in Arkansas?

If you have a medical marijuana card or certificate letter, you can buy cannabis in Arkansas at a licensed dispensary or use a licensed delivery service. Also, you can grow your own cannabis - up to six plants per person per household, with a maximum of 3 mature plants.

For Arkansas Visitors

If you are a medical cardholder but are not a resident of Arkansas, you will need to apply for the Arkansas medical marijuana program as Arkansas does not have medical marijuana reciprocity. In order to apply, you will need a medical marijuana card or its equivalent from your state. Additionally, the condition(s) for which you were approved must also be a condition(s) approved in Arkansas.

For residents of Louisiana (LA) visiting Arkansas: You will need the pharmacy label with the name and expiration date or the approval letter/recommendation letter from your doctor.

For residents of Texas (TX): You will need your approval letter or recommendation letter from your physician.