Can I get an MMJ Card for my child in Connecticut?

Minors under 18 can qualify for a Connecticut medical marijuana card with consent from a custodial parent or legal guardian who will serve as their caregiver.

An online consultation with a Leafwell healthcare provider costs $149. You will not be charged if your child is not approved.

The Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program requires minor patients to see two separate healthcare providers for documentation:

  1. A letter of support from their primary care provider (PCP), stating that medical cannabis is in the patient's best interests;
  2. A certification from a board-certified healthcare provider approving the patient (provided by Leafwell).

Both these documents must be submitted before the minor can be approved by the state program. The Leafwell providers will complete this for you, but it is the patient and caregiver's responsibility to provide the letter from the PCP.

Minor patients must have one of the following conditions to qualify:

More information can be found here.