Connecticut State Process (Renewals)

Before your card expires, the registration system ( will allow you and your doctor to begin the renewal process. The earliest a patient can be recertified is 30 days before the expiration date of the current registration.

In large part, the renewal process will be similar to the process that you went through for your original registration.

Recertified patients and caregivers will be issued new identification cards upon approval by the Program.

The following is what each person will need to do to complete the renewal:


  • Provide a photo ID;
  • Provide proof that you still live in Connecticut;
  • Complete the six certifications at the end; and
  • Update any other information to the extent it has changed from the previous year (e.g., you have a different address).


  • Provide a photo ID; and
  • Complete the five certifications at the end of the form.

Remember:  Your physician enters your medical and personal information, you need to inform him or her of any changes (eg: address, email address) during your visit.

Before submitting your application, if any information is not correct, you need to contact the Medical Marijuana Program to make the corrections.  If your name has changed, in addition to making sure your physician updates that information in his or her certification, you will need to provide the Department with an updated proof of identity.

Here's some more information to help you.