How Do I Get A Pennsylvania Patient Number?

The first step to getting a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania is to register with the state which will allow you to get a patient number.

Here is the guide:

Step 1

Create a profile in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry

Click here to go to the registry.

Please note: You can navigate the to provided link by going to the Department of Health website, selecting 'Medical Marijana' and then 'Apply for ID Card / Access Account'.

Step 2

Click on ‘Adult Patient Registration

This profile includes basic information such as:

  • your legal name
  • current address
  • contact information

You must have a Pennsylvania driver's license or an ID card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Step 3

After creating your username and password, you will see a screen that displays your account information, including your (6) digit Patient ID number.

Step 4

Return to the Leafwell website ( Your Leafwell registration will have a line that says "Pennsylvania Patient Number" and you will enter it there.

Note: If you are already a Pennsylvania patient or previously started the state registration process, you can obtain your patient number by logging into the state website here, and going to “Profile Settings”. The patient number is located by your User Name.