Hawaii State Process (Renewals)

Using telemedicine, you can quickly and easily renew your 329 card. Once you've met with a Leafwell physician and been approved, follow these steps so that your provider can certify that you are eligible to renew your medical cannabis card:

When renewing, only select the one year option. Leafwell physicians cannot approve you for two year cards at this time. 

  1. Go to https://medmj.ehawaii.gov and login.

  2. Click on Application Status first. It will then bring you to the page below. Click on “renew

  3. Fill out or update the online application information and upload any required documents (e.g. clear copy of your valid ID). 

    1. Remember to only select the one year card. 
  4. Submit your payment of $38.50 - this is non-refundable

  5. Tip: click “Submit” at the end of the application. Saving it won’t submit it
  6. Once you have submitted your application, your healthcare provider will be notified and can quickly approve your application. 
  7. Once approved, you will get an email from the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Registry Program informing you that your renewed card is ready to be downloaded

In Hawaii, only one card can be active at a time. Once your current card expires, your new one will automatically become active.

Need help? Contact the Hawaii IT help desk on 808-695-4620.