Iowa State Process

Congratulations on getting approved for your medical certification. Here's a guide to what you need to do next.

After you've been approved by a Leafwell physician, you will receive your Healthcare Practitioner Certification Form via email and you can then apply to the state. This process is the same for new and renewal patients. 

You will also need:

  • Photo ID (Iowa Driver's License or Non-operator State ID)
  • Payment method (debit, credit or e-check)
    • Proof of eligibility for reduced fee if applicable

Here's what to do next to apply online as an adult patient (the state recommends you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge). 

  1. Click here and click on Online Patient Registration (the big blue button)
  2. Fill out the online Adult Patient Application
  3. Upload the following:
    1. The valid photo ID (driver's license or non-operator's card - must be IO cards)
    2. Your Healthcare Practitioner Certificate (emailed to you from Leafwell)
    3. Optional - waiver form
    4. Optional - Reduced fee verification - if you do this, tick the 'I qualify for the reduced fee' box
  4. Once submitted, read the terms and conditions, check the box and enter your email
  5. Pay the fee and enter your contact information
  6. Receive an email when your application has been processed and approved
    1. They will also email you if there is missing information
    2. A temporary card will be emailed to you 
  7. A hard copy of your card will be mailed to you a few weeks later.

Minors don't need to apply themselves. Instead, caregivers can apply using the 'Online Caregiver Registration' button found here.