Is Cannabis Addictive?

Marijuana is not addictive in the same manner as amphetamines, cocaine, opiates/opioids and even long-term alcohol use are, although there is a condition known as “Marijuana Use Disorder”. There is some amount of dependence, but there is not a huge level of physical or psychological withdrawal for most people.

Prolonged use may stop the body from developing its own cannabinoids, but the human body does not “crave” phytocannabinoids in the same manner it would opiates or other drugs when usage stops. The body returns to its “base level” of endocannabinoid production before marijuana treatment within a few days.

With that being said, it is suggested that around 9% of cannabis users suffer from Marijuana Use Disorder. For those who start using cannabis in their teenage years, this rises to about 18%. Much of this could be due to overuse of high-THC cannabis which dominates the black market, and there is also a difference between recreational and medical use, where therapeutic doses are more likely to be used in a more controlled manner. Younger people seem to be more sensitive to THC, whereas older people may benefit from using small amounts of THC.