Can I get a medical cannabis card for my child in West Virginia?

Minors under 18 may qualify for a West Virginia medical marijuana card with consent from a parent or legal guardian.

An online consultation with a Leafwell healthcare provider costs $109. You will not be charged if your child is not approved.

The state requires the following for minor applicants:

  • Caregivers for minors can be:
    • A parent or legal guardian of the patient.
    • An individual designated by a parent or legal guardian.
    • An appropriate individual approved by the Bureau upon sufficient showing that no parent or legal guardian is appropriate or available.
  • Minor patients and their caregivers must have a valid photo ID. If the patient does not have a photo ID, their birth certificate can be used.
  • The caregiver application cannot be completed until the minor patient's application is approved. The caregiver can apply once the minor patient receives an approval email with their 4-digit application number.
  • Minor patients must have a caregiver present to purchase from a dispensary.