Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in New Mexico?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in New Mexico can have a caregiver. Caregivers will complete their own application after creating an account with the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. 


Caregiver Requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age and a New Mexico resident.

  • Caregivers can serve up to four qualified patients.

  • Caregivers will attend the appointment with the patient.

  • A background check is no longer required.

Here's how to apply as a caregiver:

  1. You must be designated as a caregiver by:

    1. A new patient enrolling in the New Mexico Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program.

      1. For a new or re-certifying patient, the caregiver will be added to the patient application, so that the medical provider and patient can approve.

    2. An existing patient of the New Mexico Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program.

      1. For an existing patient adding a caregiver, the medical provider must start a caregiver application. Once the patient approves you as their caregiver, you will receive an email notification to complete the application.

  2. Go to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program portal.

  3. Click the Create an Account button. If you already have an account, skip to step 7.

  4. Complete the Create an Account form by entering all the required information, then click the Submit button.

    1. First Name (as it appears on your card)

    2. Last Name (as it appears on your card)

    3. Date of Birth

    4. I have a card and want access to the Sales and Unit History – check this box if you currently have or have had a New Mexico Cannabis Program Patient Card.

    5. Barcode (as it appears on your card) – if your card is not available, you can skip this step; however, please allow 24-48 business hours for Program Staff to manually link your account.

    6. Email – use the personal email address you gave to your Medical Provider and plan to use for all future applications.

    7. Password – create a unique password that you will use to access the Patient Portal. h. Password confirmation – reenter the password.

    8. Click the Submit button.

    9. Check your email Inbox for an account confirmation notification and confirm your email by clicking on the link in the notification.

      NOTE: To avoid issues receiving email messages from the Online Patient Portal, please add the email address to your Safe Senders list

  5. Once you have created a user account in the Online Patient Portal, you can complete the caregiver application initiated by the patient's Medical Provider.
  6. Login to your account with the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.
  7. Your application will be found in the My Application section after login.
  8. Click on the Caregiver Application (Patient Information: Patient Name), to open the application.
  9. Review the Patient Information.
  10. Verify the information entered by the patient's Medical Provider.
  11. Enter your Mailing Address if not entered by the patient's Medical Provider
  12. Upload a New Mexico driver’s license or New Mexico state-issued ID.
  13. Review the attestation, and then add the date and your signature.
  14. Once all the required information has been entered into the application, click the Review button to verify all the entered information is correct.

    NOTE: If the Review button is not present, review the application and enter any missing information.
  15. Click the Submit button. Your application will be sent to the Medical Cannabis Program for review /approval and issuance of your electronic card, typically processed within 5 business days.
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