Pennsylvania State Process (Renewals)

You’ll receive an email with directions on how to renew your card 60 days before your annual renewal and payment is due. This email includes a due date that is usually about a week before the expiration date on the ID card. If the payment is not received by that date, the ID card will automatically be deactivated. When you log in and pay the annual payment, the card is immediately reactivated.

HOW TO RENEW - You can renew up to 60 days prior to your expiration date.

  1. Obtain a renewal certificate from a Leafwell physician - once approved, the Leafwell doctor will update your information in the state using your existing patient number.
  2. Check your details
    1. Log in to your patient account as a returning user.
    2. Confirm that the address on file is correct
  3. Pay the annual fee
    1. 30 days before your card expires, you'll receive an email with instructions for making the $50 payment (or $0 if you qualify for a fee reduction).
    1. Receive your new card
      1. Once you’re certified by a doctor and have paid, a new card will be printed and mailed to you at the address you listed in the patient portal. The new card will have an issue date for the day after your original card expires.