What are the medical marijuana laws in Hawaii?

Here are Hawaii’s current medical cannabis laws:

2000 - Governor Ben Cayetano signs Senate Bill 862 (SB 862), removing state-level penalties for the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis by those with a signed statement from a physician recommending cannabis for their condition. Act 228 creates the The Medical Cannabis Registry Program and allows for patients and their caregivers to grow cannabis.

2013 - House Bill 668 (HB 668) is amended, transferring the medical marijuana program from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Public Health from 2015 onwards. A medical marijuana registry fund is also implemented to pay for the program.

2015 - Senate Bill 642 (SB 642) is amended, defining the a patient’s "adequate supply" as seven plants or less, regardless of the maturity of the cannabis plant.

2015 - PTSD is added to the list of qualifying conditions in Hawaii.