Can I get an MMJ Card for my child in Puerto Rico?

Minors under 21 may qualify for a Puerto Rico medical marijuana card with consent from a parent or legal guardian who will serve as their caregiver. Minors need two letters of recommendation to be approved. However, Leafwell can only provide one of the two recommendations necessary at this time.

An online consultation with a Leafwell healthcare provider costs $99. You will not be charged if your child is not approved.

Minor applicants will need the following:

  • Identification

    • The parent or guardian must provide a valid form of ID for the minor (birth certificate or passport).

    • The parent or guardian must have a valid ID (driver's license or passport).

    • If the parent or guardian is a minor (under 21), they must provide a copy of a marriage certificate or proof of emancipation to become their caregiver.

  • Documentation

    • A written statement from the parent or legal guardian with the reason why the minor has to use medical cannabis.
    • Parent’s Certification of Criminal Records expedited by the Puerto Rico Police Department (no longer than 3 months).
    • Two (2) recommendation letters issued by different medical providers.
  • Pay the program a fee of $19.95.